Fight against cash, no commissions for all micropayments up to 5 euros

ROMA – The government pushes the cashless plan and aims to make spending with credit cards and debit cards easier, reducing costs for merchants. Among the hypotheses in the field – writes the Ansa agency – there is that of zeroing the commissions for micropayments up to 5 euros (most likely scenario) or up to 25 euros (a scenario that cannot be excluded).

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte – who is also evaluating the impact of such a move on competition – will meet again with sector operators this week.

Reducing the costs for merchants would be one of the tools to ensure the success of the “cashback” operation. Card charges up to € 3000 should guarantee a refund of up to € 300.

A treasure of 3000 euros would instead be reserved for the first 100 thousand citizens who will use the credit card the most: for this mechanism the number of transactions will count and not the figure, so five coffees – it was explained – will be equivalent to five luxury bags.

The 300 euro cashback and the 3000 super-cashback (the new name of the Befana bonus) should start on December 1st, provided that the implementing decrees of the Treasury arrive in time. There are currently one billion seven hundred and fifty million available for 2021, just over half of the 3 billion originally allocated with last year’s maneuver and then diverted to the financing of anti-Covid measures. The fund can obviously always be replenished, on the occasion of the next budget law.


The receipt lottery will certainly start on January 1st, this too has been postponed due to a pandemic (it should have started in July). This is a free prize competition linked to the electronic receipt. In total, there is € 50 million available with the biggest pot going into “zero cash” spending.

You can win up to 5 million and in this case the operator will also be awarded (up to 1 million euros). Even those who use cash will be able to hope for luck and collect up to 1 million euros. In addition to the most substantial loot, monthly and weekly prizes ranging from 5 thousand to 100 thousand euros are also up for grabs.

Just spend one euro to get a virtual ticket and participate in the draw, after asking the shopkeeper to match his “lottery code” to the receipt, ie the alphanumeric code obtained by accessing the public area of ​​the “Lottery Portal “.

Another element of the “less cash” plan are the new ceilings set for cash payments: from 1 July the threshold has dropped from 3 to 2 thousand euros and in 2022 it is destined to further decrease, reaching one thousand euros and thus returning to levels established with the dl Salva Italia in 2011. Also on July 1st, the obligation for professionals to accept payments by pos and credit card was started.

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