Fifth Predator Movie in the Making | NOW

Disney’s 20th Century Fox is currently developing a fifth Predator-movie. That reports Deadline Friday evening.

Dan Trachtenberg, previously the Cloverfield-spin-off 10th Cloverfield Lane made, has been recruited as a director. Patrick Aison, who previously wrote the screenplay for, among others Kingdom in Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, is developing a script.

The original Predator from 1987, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, is about a group of commandos in the jungle confronted by an alien race. The film became a blockbuster and had several successors.

The fourth and most recent volume from 2018, The Predator, was poorly received and flopped at the till sales. Still, Fox now wants to make another attempt and according to Deadline the movie will purposely deviate from the tone in the last movie.


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