Fifteen dead and hundreds injured in series of explosions Equatorial Guinea | NOW

A series of large explosions at a military base shook the city of Bata in Equatorial Guinea to its foundations on Sunday. At least 15 people were killed and 500 injured, said President Teodoro Obiang.

According to Obiang, the gigantic explosions were caused by dynamite stored on the base. That could have exploded through negligence, the president said. But how exactly this could have happened is not yet known. A defense official had previously announced that he would rule out an attack, but did not provide details about the circumstances.

Images on television showed the enormous destruction caused by the explosions. At the site of the disaster, metal roofs lay twisted between the rubble of half-destroyed houses. Many victims were taken from the rubble and transported to the nearest hospital, which could no longer handle the influx of the large number of injured people.

The gigantic explosion comes at a time when Equatorial Guinea, an oil producer, is suffering from a double economic crisis. This is a result of the corona pandemic and a fall in the price of crude oil, which represents about three-quarters of the state’s revenue.


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