FIFA World Cup: Mowasalat will manage 4,000 buses during the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar

Doha: Qatar’s public transport agency, Karwa, or Muwasalat, has announced that it will put 4,000 buses in circulation to provide better transportation facilities for the hundreds of thousands of fans who will come to the FIFA World Cup, including stadiums and villages. of the fans.

2300 buses only for the World Cup

The authorities sent 2,300 buses just for the World Cup. This also includes 4000 buses. Khalid Kafud, Karva’s director of public relations and communications, said these will help bring visitors to various stadiums. He said in an interview with Qatar Radio that more than 2,000 taxi cars have been prepared for football fans. 2,100 taxis will operate in Qatar during the World Cup, including 1,300 cars of the low-cost Curva-Fox taxi system implemented in partnership with Fox Transport. He also stated that taxi services can be provided at minimal cost through the Karva Taxi app.

850 electric buses were also launched


850 electric buses were also launched on Karva Road as part of the preparation of environmentally friendly transport. He also informed that these carbon-free buses will not cause noise pollution. In addition to this, 1,600 hybrid buses with smokeless diesel engines were also put into circulation for the World Cup. These are buses with Euro-6 engines supported by RW technology. Fully functional in all electric charging stations in the country. Fast charging services are also available in many places. In this way, the Qatar World Cup will become the largest ecological tournament, he said.

New buses from October 1st

Preparations for the CoCup have been ongoing for years. Important preparations have already been made for the delivery of electric and hybrid buses and training for them. He also claimed that the bus test run was successfully completed on 21 and 22 September. In the experiment, 2,300 buses were used on 80 routes. He also claimed that 90 new electric minibuses suitable for small roads in residential areas were also launched on curvy roads. He informed that these services will start on October 1st.

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