FIFA World Cup 2022 ™ – News – #WorldCupAtHome: Argentina takes revenge on Brazil

  • Brazil’s match against Argentina was chosen in the historic matches of the #WorldCupAtHome Series
  • The match was played in the second round of the 1990 FIFA World Cup Italy
  • Argentina won the meeting and was considered one of the greatest victories in the history of the Albiceleste

The second round of the 1990 FIFA World Cup Italy saw a lot of fiery matches, but this meeting captured all the limelight due to what it means to face the “SuperClassico” between the two neighbors, especially since Argentina came to the finals, which holds the title in the Mexico 1986 edition and was one title away from the equation Brazil’s three surnames at the time. As expected, the match was exciting and carried the qualities of the derby meetings, as Brazil was the strongest party throughout the meeting, but Argentina knew how to deal with the events and turned to its advantage in a creative moment by Maradona and presented the only goal ball in front of Canegia to shake the net He gives his country a qualification card.

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???? Summary

Brazil 0-1 Argentina

June 24, 1990 | Delle Alpi Stadium, Turin (audience: 61,381,000)


Claudio Canegia (81)

The two main combinations:

Brazil: Claudio Taffarel, Ricardo Gomez ©, Ricardo Rocha, Georginho, Branco, Dunga, Marco Galvão (Renato Josho 85), Alemao (Silas 83), Faldo, Muller, Carica.

Argentina: Sergio Goycochea, Oscar Ruggeri, Juan Simon, Julio Olerticocia, Pedro Monzon, Jose Pazwaldo, Ricardo Gusti, Pedro Trullio (Gabriel Calderon 61), Jorge Borochaja, Claudio Canegia, Diego Maradona ©.

???? Context

Argentina and its legend Diego Maradona waited eight years for this meeting. After their last confrontation in 1982, they witnessed the elimination of Diego with the red card and the loss of the Tango for the second time in three confrontations against Seleção, it is time for Argentina to achieve its first victory, which has meant a lot to them since that time. , As it is considered one of the historical victories that may be equal in value, winning the two FIFA World Cup titles. This was evident when Argentine fans attended the 2014 Brazil finals and took this match as a starting point for the chanting of thousands before and during the matches, in which the Brazilians mentioned that defeat and what Maradona did in the match.

In the entire list of the elected, there are only 82 players left, Maradona and the “alternative” Calderon, so it can be said that it was a special confrontation for the Argentine legend who wanted to achieve his full revenge without a shortage. Especially since he presented a fictional tournament in Mexican territory four years ago and led his country to win the title after a miraculous performance is still the tropic of talk of all time.

Brazil came to the finals as an extraordinary candidate thanks to its list of stars and outstanding talents, especially since they succeeded in achieving three victories in the first round, unlike Argentina, which suffered two things before gaining the card to qualify for this role as one of the best in third place, after losing the opening face Against Cameroon and its only victory over the Soviet Union, “formerly”, then tied against Romania.

1990 World Cup Finals, Valdo races for the ball with Argentina's Claudio Caniggia

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⚔️ the match

Brazilian dominationAs Brazil was waiting for, the attack took place, so Carica missed an early opportunity, and goalkeeper Guicochea stood up and defended her, to begin the journey to prevent the Brazilians from registering. The attack was repeated again, a quick corner in front of the goal, Rocha was unable to turn the window into his door. Dunga climbed to Branco’s cross, but his header hit the post. While Argentina suffered from a low attack intensity and lost most of the balls to their competitors. While Maradona heard the whistles of the fans whenever he touched the ball, which is normal for the hero of Naples, who plays on the ground of Juventus. The matter did not stop there. He was faced with double pressure. Either he was hampered or lost the ball, to miss the Argentinian risk, except for a rare opportunity from Rogeri’s header that passed beside the Tavarel goal.

Quiet Billardo: The first half is over, and the Argentines have reached the locker room. The players sit looking forward to the hustle and bustle of coach Billardo, who always wants to give his team a better show and win. The first five minutes have passed, then the second and the third! The quarter-hour allocated for the break ended without Billardo uttering a lip, as the players were surprised, but on the way to the stadium, Billardo finally spoke, “Guys, if you keep playing this way and passing the balls to them, we will definitely lose the meeting.”

remarqable improvement: It was a clear message that the players grabbed and returned relatively better from the first lot. It is true that Brazil continued to take control, but the real danger did not reach the goal of Goicoechia. On the other hand, Maradona (who plays with a heel in the foot) and his colleagues are beginning to explore the path to Tavarel. Porcaga found the space to hit the ball, saved by the goalkeeper, and Calderon approached, but Gomez prevented him from getting the ball.

A deadly targetIn the last few minutes, Maradona beat everything, the injury, the fans ’whistles, and most importantly Brazil’s defense. The legend brought out his possession with a creative glimpse, as he received the ball as usual in the middle of the circle in the middle, then came and got rid of Alemao and Dunga’s attempt to block him, and advanced more and quickly attracting with him three defenders, all of whom thought that the left foot would continue the incursion, but he decided, in a moment of genius, to pass the right foot Kanijia, who won the confrontation with the goalkeeper and hit the goal, scored the winning goal.

The result could have been doubled, but Pazwaldo’s uniqueness was stopped by Gomez at the borders of the region, and after that he received a red card, and then Tavarel shone by blocking the direct Diego ball, but with the final whistle he achieved what the Argentines finally wanted.

???? The star

Claudio Cannjia joined the national team a year after winning the Mexico 86 title, and did not achieve with the team what was hoped for in Copa America 87 and 89. Although he started as a substitute against Cameroon, he entered the main squad in all the following matches. In front of Brazil, he showed his high heels when he knew how his friend Maradona would move, so he only took a position in the vacant space, to get the ball and face Tavarel, and despite the pressure he showed great confidence, as he waited a moment and then left the left, leaving Tafarel unable to stop him to pay in the net Brazilian. The goal gave him more love in the hearts of the Argentines, to give them more during the tournament, as he netted Italy, ending the goalkeeper Zinga who continued in all previous matches of the Italians, and thanks to the goal Albiceleste arrived for a penalty shootout and defeated Al-Azuri and reached the final that Cannegia missed due to suspension.

????️The statements

“Brazil surrounded us most of the meeting, they did not give us any space. I saw that light and I said to myself well I will take them. Then I started the ball and started facing the Brazilians, I saw that white flash“ Kanegia ”and although the ball was moving and preceding me towards the right foot I managed to pass it from between my feet Ricardo Rocha. I was lying on the ground and screaming … hit it, hit it, but it didn’t. He made a first move and then again, everyone was waiting for him. Then he scored the goal and we won thanks to him. ” Diego Maradona.

???? The rest of the journey

After Argentina suffered in the first round, and had all doubts to continue in the championship after Brazil found its way in the second round, but the victory over Silesiau changed everything, so the Tango inspired a new spirit thanks to this historical victory, and they went on the right path, exceeding the obstacles of Yugoslavia Then Italy, after a large marathon, arrived for a penalty shootout in both games, to hit a repeated appointment with Germany in the Grand Final, but a late penalty kick ended dreams of winning the third title.



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