FIFA World Cup 2022: England and USA neutralize each other –

England and the United States went goalless in Group B of the World Cup. The United States dominated this encounter without being able to pass the shoulder. They go within two points as the English pocket the fourth striker.

The Three Lions delivered a very pale copy. They were even beaten by their opponents, who showed more energy and willpower. The Americans really upset their rivals and could very well have won. Pickford was thus remarkably saved by his crossbar from a shot by Pulisic (33rd), the best man on the lawn.

Despite their many offensive strengths, the British managed next to nothing dangerous to Turner’s cage. Only a shot by Mount in the 45th minute forces the US goalkeeper to make a save worthy of the name.

England therefore did not confirm by far its good first outing, marked by the 6-2 against Iran. The United States immediately held their own, with intense pressing in the field of the Three Lions. These seemed a tone below, lacking both ideas but also intensity in duels and, above all, speed in their actions.

England in good shape

Despite what still seems like disillusionment, Gareth Southgate’s men remain masters of their destiny. They have 4 points, against 3 for Iran, 2 for the United States and 1 for Wales. They should then, barring nasty surprises, stamp their ticket for the rest of the competition against brother nemeses Welsh. But to be able to go far in the tournament, much more will have to be shown. The Americans, on the other hand, know what they will have to do. Beating Iran would allow them to qualify, while a draw will suffice for the Iranians.

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