FIFA showed the latest ranking after two matches of the Polish national team

Behind the representation Jerzy Brzęczek two September meetings. Poles lost in League of Nations against the Netherlands 0-1, but a few days later they beat Bosnia and Herzegovina 2-1. Such results meant that the Polish team remained in 19th place rankingu FIFA. Sweden is ahead of the Poles, and Senegal’s players are watching the back of Brzęczek’s team. Belgians, French and Brazilians were on the podium.

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“There is the second bottom of the CBA entry into the Polish Football Association. Boniek was hiding in this situation” [SEKCJA PIŁKARSKA #63]

There is a new FIFA ranking. Russia with the greatest promotion. The Poles held their position

In relation to the August ranking, the greatest progress was recorded by the Russian team, which, thanks to victories over Hungary 3: 2 and Serbia 3: 1, advanced from 38th to 32nd place. In turn, the last place in the ranking (210th) is occupied by the San Marino team.


The Polish national team will return to the game in October. First we will play against Italy (Roberto Mancini’s squad is 12th), and a few days later we will play again against Bosnia, which fell to 50th position.

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