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FIFA 20 | Furious mother chased Microsoft for a year to get her money back from fraud

A mother of three little ones had to be 11 months behind the Microsoft games division, Xbox, so that the money spent illegally with your credit card can be returned to your account FIFA 20.

Lesley Urwin learned about this fraud almost a year ago when an Xbox email suddenly arrived in which they thanked him for the purchase of more than 36 thousand points for the football game. The funny thing is that they made the purchase more than 500 kilometers from her house (she lived in Ergil and the purchase was made in Cheshire, United Kingdom).

From there, Lesley, 49, began calling the company and sending him emails to get the money spent back, worth $ 313.

“I found two that didn’t match our Xbox One S. We only have one Xbox. The boys share it. So I removed the unauthorized devices and deleted the details of my card, “the mother told the British media Daily Records.

MicrosoftWhen he heard about his case, he promised him a check, but he never arrived. What did come to the months was an email saying that his case was closed and that he contacted Tesco Bank, his bank.

“I visited Tesco again, but they said I could not confirm the fraud claim. I was horrified. Call to Microsoft, who spent the money and told me to get back in touch with Tesco. I was circling, “he told the portal.

The drop that broke the glass came when the tech giant said it could no longer see the dishonest charges in its account. Lesley then contacted the media to inform him of his case:I lost all patience. If I log in, I can clearly see the FIFA points, then why can’t Microsoft see them? “.

After the dissemination of your case, the entertainment company He proceeded to accelerate the process of money back.

FIFA 20 now available for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch Y PC.

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