Fierce Competition Will Happen at HRSC Interlagos – Entering the last two rounds with increasingly fierce competition from the Honda Racing Simulator Championship (HRSC), PT Honda Prospect Motor is ready to bring Simracers to compete at the Interlagos virtual circuit.

The competition, which will be held on October 16, 2021, can also be watched on the official Hondaisme Youtube and Facebook accounts which will start at 19.30 WIB.

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In the Master class, Andika Rama Maulana earned the highest points with a total of 91 points. Followed by Daffa Ardiansa in second place with a total of 69 points and the third position is occupied by Fadhli Rachmat with a total of 54 points.

While in the Rising Star class, the highest point was achieved by Colin Levi with a total of 62 points. Billie Ebenhaezer took the second position with a total of 61 points and Rio Dzaki took third place with a total of 57 points.

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Furthermore, in the Rookie class the highest points were obtained by Gilbert Eman with a total of 56 points. Followed by Rio Loho with a total of 55 points and Ignatius Mokodompit with a total of 50 points.

Yusak Billy as Business Innovation and Sales & Marketing Director of PT Honda Prospect Motor said, “After running for four series, the competition in the Honda Racing Simulator Championship is getting tougher, especially in the Rookie and Rising Star classes which have brought out new champions. We believe that the participants will continue to give their best in the last two rounds.”



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