Field -Size Asteroid Glides to Earth, NASA: Potentially Dangerous

CALIFORNIA – NASA warns giant asteroid the size of a football field will enter Earth’s orbit on December 11, 2021. NASA puts this asteroid in the dangerous category given its distance of only 7.4 kilometers from Earth.

Quoted from News Australia, Wednesday (12/1/2021), NASA said that Asteroid 4660 Nereus is more than 330 meters long and will be within 7.4 million kilometers from Earth. “That puts it in the potentially dangerous category,” NASA said.

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If the asteroid had not deviated from its course, Nereus would have shot past Earth at a speed of 23,657 kilometers per hour. NASA estimates the space rock will be 3.9 million kilometers from Earth.

That’s about 10 times the distance between the Earth and the Moon. Indeed asteroid it appears quite far away but is actually close to a near-Earth asteroid,” NASA said. Because NASA considers anything that passes within 19.3 million kilometers of Earth as a Near-Earth Object (NEO).

NASA has warned that a giant asteroid larger than the Eiffel Tower will enter Earth’s orbit in just over a week or around December 11, 2021.

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Thousands of NEOs are tracked by scientists to monitor whether they are on a collision course with planet earth. NASA has an entire table of asteroids that could threaten Earth.

Every object outer space Fast-moving objects within 7.5 million kilometers are considered “potentially dangerous” by the space organization and therefore are continuously monitored.




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