“FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 Asia Regional Qualifiers” Announcement Window 4 of 19 Candidate Players for Japan National Team / Iran Match (Away) HC Substitute Registration Notice

Our association (JBA) will hold a match against Iran (away) on Thursday 25 August and a match against Kazakhstan on Tuesday 30 August (home: Okinawa Arena) in window 4 of the “FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 Asia Regional Qualifier” yes will keep the game. “AKATSUKI JAPAN” Japanese men’s national basketball team for main tournament 19 players (preliminary registered members) have been announced for the Japanese national team and assistant coach Yoshio Sasa will be registered as interim head coach for the match with Iran (away). will inform you as follows.
The last 12 members for each match will be selected from the 19 preliminary members announced this time, and will be decided upon after approval at the FIBA ​​technical meeting to be held the day before each match.

■ “FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 Asia Regional Qualifiers” Announcement window 4 of 19 candidates of the Japanese national team / Announcement of substitute registration of HC for the match in Iran (away)

[Fiba Basketball World Cup 2023 Asia Regional Qualifier Finestra 4 Giocatori registrati preliminari e personale della squadra]
○ Staff
Head Coach Horvath Tom (Japan Basketball Association)
Associate Head Coach Gaines Corey (Japan Basketball Association)
Assistant Coach Jeffrey Katsuhisa (Kawasaki Brave Thunders)
Assistant coach Yoshio Sasa (Utsunomiya Brex)
Sports performance coach Hiroki Ogata (Japan Basketball Association)
Athletic trainer Takeo Ichiyanagi (Japan Basketball Association)
Supports athletic trainer Mika Furusawa (Japan Basketball Association)
Team Doctor Takayuki Yamamoto (National Center for Global Health and Medicine Hospital)
Technical staff Shinji Toyama (Japan Basketball Association)
Team manager Takuya Nishimura (Japan Basketball Association)

○ Players * 19 people
Fuzzy Cus Nick (C / 207cm / Kawasaki Brave Thunders)
Williams Nika (C / 203 cm / Shimane Susanoo Magic)
Ryuichi Kishimoto (PG / 176cm / Ryukyu Golden Kings)
Shin Hiejima (SG / 191 cm / Utsunomiya Brex)
Aki Chambers (SF / 191 cm / Gunma Crane Thunders)
Yuya Nagayoshi (HP / 198 cm / Zephyr Fukuoka ascending)
Yutaro Suda (SG / 190cm / Nagoya Diamond Dolphins)
Tenketsu Harimoto (PF / 198 cm / Diamond Dolphins of Nagoya)
Yuki Togashi (PG / 167 cm / Chiba Jets)
Yuta Watanabe (SF / 206 cm / -)
Yudai Baba (SG / 195 cm / -)
Flippin Ko (SG / 188cm / Ryukyu Golden Kings)
Ryo Terashima (PG / 179 cm / Hiroshima dragonflies)
Koki Shafer Avi (PF / 206 cm / Mikawa Seahorse)
Yutaka Yoshii (SF / 196 cm / Alvark Tokyo)
Hiroya Kawasanada (C / 202 cm / Shiga Lakes)
Yudai Nishida (SG / 190 cm / Mikawa Seahorse)
Soichiro Inoue (PF / 201cm / Sunrockers Shibuya)
Yuki Kawamura (PG / 172cm / Corsairs B Yokohama)
* Average 192.4 cm, 27.8 years

* Affiliations and ratings are updated as of August 15, 2022
* Position: PG-Point Guard, SG-Shooting Guard, SF-Small Forward, PF-Powerful Attacker, C-Center
* For details of participating members,Member list (PDF version) Please refer to.

On the war in Iran
・ Based on the US government ban on traveling to Iran, the recent relationship between the US and Iran, and the information and opinions of relevant organizations, JBA has decided to approve the following two US citizens:, will not be sent to the Iran match (away).
[Obiettivo]Tom Horvath Head Coach / Gaines Corey Associate Head Coach
・ For the match with Iran (away), after the above decision, JBA requested and appointed assistant manager Yoshihisa Sasa to register as an interim head coach, taking into account his achievements as head coach of the Japanese national team and his experience in the B.LEAGUE club.

[Profilo del capo allenatore ad interim Yoshio Sasa]

○ Norio Sassa
Date of birth: May 13, 1984 (age 38)
Place of birth: Tokyo
Alma mater: Seikei High School → Tokai University

History of the coach Affiliation Position
2009-2012 Hitachi Sunrockers (JBL)
Current: Sunrockers Shibuya
second coach
2013-2016 Link Tochigi Brex (JBL / NBL)
Current: Utsunomiya Brex
second coach
2017-2019 Golden King Ryukyu head coach
2020- Utsunomiya Brex 2020: Support Coach
2020-2022: Assistant coach
2022 ~: head coach
Japan men’s national team
* The results of the official FIBA ​​tournaments are published.
2014: 5th FIBA ​​ASIA Cup
2015: FIBA ​​Asian Cup 2015
2016: Qualification for the FIBA ​​Olympic World Final
2016: FIBA ​​ASIA Challenge
2017: 2017 East Asian Basketball Championship
second coach
2021: Asian Qualifiers FIBA ​​World Cup 2023
2022: FIBA ​​Asia Cup 2022
second coach

[FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 Asia Regional Qualifier Window 4]
Conference summary:
Schedule: 22 (month) to 30 August (fire), 2022
Organizer: International Basketball Federation
Supervision: Japan Basketball Association
Sponsored by: FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup 2023 Venue Support Council
Location: Azadi Basketball Hall (Iran), Okinawa Arena (Okinawa City, Okinawa Prefecture), etc.
* Japan has already qualified for the World Cup finals as a host country.
* Restrictions on visits will be determined after consultation with local governments and will be decided by local governments in the future.
Depending on the event, there may be conditions for entry.

War of Japan
Date: August 25, 2022 (Thursday) 25:00 (Japan time)
Location: Azadi Basketball Hall (Iran)
Match card: Iran (23rd) vs. Japan (38th)

Date and time: August 30, 2022 (fire) 18:00
Location: Okinawa Arena
Match card: Japan (38th) against Kazakhstan (68th)
* FIBA ​​rankings in brackets (as of March 1, 2022)

[Informazioni sui biglietti per la partita del 30 agosto (martedì) Kazakistan (Okinawa Arena)]

[Sito speciale per le qualificazioni asiatiche della FIBA ​​World Cup 2023]
[Sito ufficiale del torneo FIBA ​​World Cup 2023 (inglese)]

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