Fiat Panda Hybrid, with incentives the price is crazy

You want to buy a car and spend little, thanks to the incentives you can get a Fiat Panda Hybrid at affordable prices.

fiat panda hybrid –

The Panda has always been thecar of the Italiansit is the car more sold on the peninsula. The regina undisputed market lends several typesfrom that to gas to that 4×4passing through the GPL and that a Methane. But now it is ready to hit the market with a new type: The Fiat Panda Hybrid. This new typology can be taken, a advantageous priceslet’s find out better when it would cost us the Pandawith the incentive discounts.

The incentives on the Panda Hybrid

As we know a template from the Panda Hybrid basic there costs 15,000 euroswhile already one more typology easy as the Cross we take it to 14.000 euro. This shows that already the hybrid versioncould almost already agree with i normal prices. Now let’s see how to get the prezzo from the hybrid pandaif we go on them websiteand we formalize thepurchase we will get the price with theincentives. These incentives are for auto which fall within the CO emissions range2, that goes on 51 ai 135 g/km.

Doing all of the dielet’s find out that the hybrid pandait costs us 10.945 euroif we add di to be scrapped even an old car. A well discount 4.055 euroequal to 27,03%. In short, these incentives i am really a deal and certainly many are already there thinking. L’hybrid car mount a 1.0-liter three-cylinder petrol enginewith a power of 70 Cavalli and one torque of 92 Nm. the system it uses is the BSG mild Hybrid and 12 voltable to recover energy in phase of braking.

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Photo of a panda
A Panda Hybrid that recharges under braking –

We can add with the discounts that are offered to us, even of the optional dedicated. These optional I’m very expensive, and being able to take them using the incentives saves you a lot. There Turin house it shows that he continues to bet on his own flagshipalthough it brings many others to the market cars. The Panda obviously “kill” il market segment from the small carsthat is, those cars that come sold in quantity.

Now is the time to buy a Panda

This is undoubtedly the best time to buy one hybrid pandabecause you take it at a really low price. Many who cannot break away from the Panda mythsurely they are already giving us more than a little thought, remembering that with this type of car, one falls into many canons of electric mobility.

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