FGJEZ confirms 8 dead after clashes in Valparaíso

VALPARAÍSO. After the clashes registered this Saturday in Valparaíso, the State Attorney’s Office reported that eight men were left dead.

According to data provided by the agency, the bodies remain unidentified and, as a result of these events, vehicles and weapons were seized.

Authorities reported that the first event took place on a dirt road that leads from the community of San Martin de la Palma to the community of Peñitas de Oriente, while the second was on a road that leads to La Florida.

“Events in which elements of the National Guard and the Mexican Army had intervention,” reported the Zacatecas Prosecutor’s Office.

Today, a convoy of the National Guard was heading to the Valparaíso area, after the clashes recorded yesterday.

During the tour, the uniformed men were attacked by armed individuals, with no casualties reported so far.

Note from Vicente Flores Hernández.


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