FFXIV Showcase has definitely released a new patch 6.0 Endwalker this year with new careers and more.

Saturday, February 6, 2564 AD, 21:04, 31 seconds, Indochina time

Already launched with a big patch of the game Final Fantasy XIV To be updated in the middle of every year Now it isPatch No. 6 And then accompanied by the name Final Fantasy XIV : Endwalker At this time, the Trailer is still interesting. Dazzling, beautiful and exciting as always. Because of this new patch, we will not be Isekai in a different world like before. But we’ll go to the moon to save the world!

In addition to the story that will come from the patch Shadowbringer has a lot of new content and balance changes. There are also new professions that will be added. Which is something that many players are very much looking forward to, that is Sage career Sure enough, from the trailer that was released, the occupation Sage. Use a weapon named Nouliths. (Of course, starting at level 70 and having to purchase the latest patch first)

by YoshiP The director of the game explains that Sage has a skill. “Barrier Healer” To help heal friends in the party Buff damage to your party friends and yourself temporarily. In which the coming of this Sage career makesThere are adjustments to the new job position to make it clearer. by Astrologer Will be adjusted to “Pure Healer” And in this main story that the young man Alphinaud Many young fans will have a career change to Sage as well.

Besides Sage, there is also another ajar that There is also another job with melee damage that has not yet been revealed. Which this work was not passedHint from YoshiP’s clothes Again, this time, the fans of the game may have guessed that it might be a career. “Templar” Absolutely

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Of course, a new patch will come with a new map. New dungeons Lots of new items But what is interesting is Trust system That we can enter the dungeon with the whole team npc in this new patch has added a new npc that is. Estinien Wyrmblood

Not only that, FFXIV is known for making the game to please the fans in extreme ways. Because there are many players around the world What is very popular in this part of the game is end game content That after collecting the levels until they are full, I don’t know what to do next Besides home decoration This event, Yoshi Phi provided We can do farms now. It will come in the form of a private island.

On the balance of the patch byNerf damage of all occupations is down. Because the starting player’s damage scale will be too great that it will affect the game. (Most recently, the player’s damage has reached 150k) because of the future big bosses coming in patch 5.5. There were 440 million more blood !! If you don’t have a nerf, you may have some unwanted bugs. There is alsoPermanently remove the item “Belt” from the game. By adding a weapon compartment with additional rings to replace

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And do not miss the event Final Fantsy Festival 2021 or FanFest 2021 The big event of this year’s FFXIV game comes in the form of Live Streaming due to the COVID situation. It will be held inMay 15-16 Of course, it’s free. But if you pay, you will be given a seat mount of 8 people and a minion from the FFIV special part of the event as a souvenir. (The price is not yet disclosed, we will continue to update)

For console players, you don’t have to regret it. Because the game is ported to PS5 as well, which will be OBT on April 13, support for 4K systems, load the game faster and have a more stable frame rate.

Interested in trying to be a warrior of light in Final Fantasy XIV? Free Trial can be played on PC and PS4 up to patch 3.0 Heavenswards. >> PC here < >> PS4 here <


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