Fewer visitors and fewer psalms at Staphorst church services | Inland

“The number of visitors per church service will be reduced. The congregation members must adhere to the division according to the timetable ”, according to the church council. “Less psalms will be sung in worship.”

The scribe of the church in Staphorst, A. Bouwman, cannot indicate exactly how many people can attend the services in the new set-up. According to him, the congregation has adopted the advice of the national bureau of the Restored Reformed Church and the number of visitors “substantially scaled down.”

With regard to singing, the consistory has also followed the advice by reducing the number of psalms at the services. “Everyone present can sing regardless of their age,” says Bouwman. The church has had a report drawn up on the ventilation and air exchange and according to him they more than amply meet the standard. “With the number of people who can now come and sing, the chance of contamination is 0.0 percent,” Bouwman assures.


The national office of the Restored Reformed Church advised Friday to reduce the number of visitors to church services “substantially”. Furthermore, there must be a “renewed reflection” “on the manner and frequency of the harmony singing.” Mouth masks must also be worn when entering and leaving the church, according to the bureau.

On the latter point, the church board in Staphorst places the responsibility with the churchgoers themselves. “Since there is no scientific evidence about the use of masks, it is the responsibility of the churchgoers themselves whether they want to wear them when entering and exiting.”

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