Fewer red prices to be seen at Colruyt for the first time in 50 years | Instagram VTM NEWS

Colruyt has promised since 1973 to use the lowest prices of all stores in the region. According to their own words, about 62,000 prices of the competitors are quoted every day. That principle is now being overhauled, although the chain emphasizes that the lowest price guarantee is not affected.

The difference with the past is that red price indications are now only used for own promotions on top of the lowest prices. In addition, not only the regular prices are labeled black, but also the prices that have been adjusted in response to promotions at the competitors. Until now, the latter were colored red, which now makes it less clear to the consumer. Colruyt itself speaks of a simplification: “All prices are and remain the lowest and are indicated in black on the price label”.

“We will continue to lower our prices when competitors do, but display that reduced price in black. The price only turns red when we give an extra discount on top of the lowest price. That is clearer for customers,” spokesperson Eva Biltereyst told De Tijd.

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