Fewer infections by covid in Cantabria, but two more deaths


Epidemiological Surveillance Unit. / Alberto Aja

In hospitals in the region, the number of people admitted has decreased. There are 42, of which five are in the ICU

Violet Santiago

Two men aged 94 and 82, both vaccinated, have died of covid-19 in the last few hours at the Sierrallana Hospital in Torrelavega. Cantabria, which has been at “controlled risk” of coronavirus since Tuesday of this week -which means that there are no longer restrictions- adds 813 deaths since March 2020.

This is the negative note of the daily balance of Health (corresponding to Friday the 25th), in which almost all other indicators of the evolution of the pandemic are positive. The Community had not registered deaths all week. And yesterday, there were only 42 people admitted to hospitals (three less than on Thursday). Of the total, five affected need the extra support of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). 28 of those hospitalized are in Valdecilla; six are in Sierrallana; another six in the Laredo Hospital and two more in the Tres Mares de Reinosa

The number of new positives yesterday was 169 (14 less than the previous day) and the incidence of cases at 14 days is at 418 after registering a drop of 57. The positivity of the tests carried out has dropped to 15.9% while the contagion trend has receded to -5%. At this time, Cantabrians should only wear masks indoors, keep safe distances and not forget to ventilate indoors as the only preventive measures against the virus.

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Can I go to work even if I have tested positive?

The accumulated incidence is also in the process of retreating, although the latest known national data are not exactly encouraging. In Cantabria, the cases have dropped to 14 days (with 418 cases per 100,000 inhabitants), which means that there are 57 cases less than the day before; like seven days, with 203 cases, four less. The negative note is that both indicators remain at a high risk level.

Another fact to take into account is that the incidence in people over 65 years of age has risen to 14 days, although it has dropped in the parameter that is measured at seven days. The two indicators, according to the new measurement system implemented this week by the Ministry of Health, are at low risk.


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