Fertility trends in Mexico: it is increasingly difficult to conceive

Assisted reproduction is simply a set of techniques, mechanisms or forms of substitution for traditional reproductive methods.

According to recent studies conducted by the Mexican National Institute of Statistics and Geography, 4-5 million couples suffer from some fertility issues in the country, and with each passing year the figure continues to increase.

This situation has caused multiple couples to decide to initiate mechanisms of Assisted reproduction that greatly increase your chance of conceiving. So today there are 4 great trends in Mexico, which are the ones that have proven more satisfactory results in assisting with fertility in man or woman.

4 fertility trends in Mexico

The first thing to know is that assisted reproduction is simply a set of techniques, mechanisms or forms of substitution for traditional reproductive methods. These techniques are indicated by specialists only when couples present problems that limit your fertility.

Likewise, assisted reproduction mechanisms are also indicated after the couple has already tried to get pregnant for a long period of time without success.

The 4 trends that have emerged to treat infertility in Mexico are the following:

Fertilization in vitro

It is a process by which a woman’s egg is fertilized with sperm outside the uterus and implanted through a simple procedure. The only ones who can carry out this process are specialized doctors, since each person is different and will have their own reactions to said fertilization.

In this sense, the specialist must carry out a case study and decide which of the techniques will be most effective for your patient. It is the ideal method for those women who suffer from blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis, problems with ovulation or low quality sperm.

Scheduled intercourse

It is the most economical trend and consists of starting a process detection of the woman’s exact ovulation date to schedule intercourse with your partner and greatly increase the chances of getting pregnant. This can be coupled with other trends such as ovulation induction and is indicated for when the reason for infertility is unknown.

Ovulation induction

Using a series of medications previously indicated by a specialist, the objective of this type of technique to increase fertility is that the ovulation process is controlled and faster.

Through subcutaneous or intramuscular injections, the drugs cause the follicle to mature and release the egg faster, to schedule intercourse and have a better chance of having a pregnancy.

To make the process happen effectively, the specialist doctor must do an exhaustive follow-up with ultrasounds, so you can see if the medication is working and if the process is successful.

Artificial insemination

Through a simple process, the specialist will introduce the sperm directly into the woman’s uterus to reduce the route and achieve fertilization of the ovum. This is perfect for when the man suffers from sperm with reduced mobility, or when he suffers from endometriosis and other similar conditions.



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