“Fertiberia TECH unveils its latest range of biotech items”

In line with the demands for new, more sustainable and environmentally friendly products, Fertiberia TECH, Grupo Fertiberia’s most technological plant nutrition solutions brand, has launched the new Neoforce Care line.

AGRO professional – Madrid 21/03/2023

Fertiberia TECH, a brand that represents Grupo Fertiberia’s most technological plant nutrition solutions, has just launched a new line of biotechnological products. Adapted to the new challenges of modern agriculture, this new, more technological Neoforce Care line presents solutions not only for conventional agriculture but also for ecological and organic agriculture. This launch represents a significant step in the future of the company, within the framework of its strategy to bet on fertilizers with the minimum environmental impact and of the highest quality and agronomic efficiency.


“Sustainability is in the DNA of our company. Our ambition is to lead the production of plant nutrition solutions that are fully respectful of our environment and the launch of this new line is one of the keys to achieving it”, says Antonio Santana Fernandes, Commercial Director of Fertiberia TECH.

Plants have a very complex and versatile metabolism due to the plasticity of their genomes, which has allowed them to develop highly efficient protection systems. Neoforce Care products keep the natural defense mechanisms of plants permanently activated against biotic and abiotic stress. Thus, they guarantee an active protection shield that balances the agricultural ecosystem: plant-soil-environment.

Integrated solutions

The new line of products presents integrated solutions, composed of microorganisms, bioactive substances and metabolites with a broad spectrum of action. In addition, it has been developed based on Care technology, which poses a disruptive change in the concept of fertilization and protection by placing plants at the center of problem solving and helping to improve microbiome activity.

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These products are involved in various fields such as biostimulation, bioprotection, biofertilization and plant nutrition. Each of these areas is made up of several use options, developed for different types of crops and with different objectives, according to specific needs.

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