Ferry Mursyidan Baldan’s body arrives at Karet Bivouac cemetery


A family group carrying the body Mursyidan Baldan Ferry arrived at TPU Karet Bivouac, Central Jakarta. Ferry’s body will be buried in block AA2 Blad 46 Petak 129.

monitoring detik com at the location, on Friday (2/12/2022), Ferry’s body arrived at around 2100 WIB. The hearse was escorted by police and escorted by an ambulance.

Ferry’s coffin was covered with a green cloth. The ambulance carrying the coffin immediately entered the burial area.

Deputy Minister of Agricultural Affairs and Spatial Planning / National Land Agency (Wamen ATR / BPN) Raja Juli Antoni led the funeral ceremony for Ferry’s body at TPU Karet Bivouac.

“Innalillahi wa innailaihi rojiun, on behalf of the ATR/BPN ministry we express our deepest condolences. Pak Ferry is one of the best ministers we have and he has contributed a lot to city and land use planning,” he said.

“We testify that Pak Ferry is sincere in fulfilling all his roles as a son of the nation, especially in the ATR Ministry,” he added.

Juli hopes the family is honest with Ferry’s departure. He hoped Ferry would die in humility.

“May the family receive strength, patience and trust. Let us pray with the late Khusnulkhatimah,” he said.

Watch the video: Ferry Mursyidan dies, Jokowi: the world of Indonesian politics has lost

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