Ferrero was in Milan to sign Stankovic. Then the arrest: “I didn’t make it in time …”

New statements emerge from Massimo Ferrero, former president of the Sampdoria, directly from the San Vittorie prison where he is currently being held. “I’m in prison and I don’t understand why”, Ferrero said who then expressed – as told by his lawyers – also the regret for not being able to change the Sampdoria coach before the arrest: “They came to arrest me in Milan, at seven in the morning, I didn’t have time to sign Stankovic “. Ferrero was in fact at work to change the manager of his Sampdoria: he was in Milan to negotiate with the manager of the Red Star when everything fell apart.

Meanwhile, today, recalls the ‘Corriere della Sera’, Ferrero will not answer the questioning because his lawyers have not yet had the opportunity to view the papers. His silence this morning before the judge will prevent, at least for the moment, from knowing the reasons that led him to move the registered office of the four companies of his group from Rome to Acquappesa, a small town in Cosentino. To then declare its bankruptcy, sanctioned by the court of Paola.



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