Ferrari decides to release engines after Vettel breaks

Dan Istitene – Formula 1Getty Images

The image most hated by motorcyclists. Sebastian Vettel’s power unit said enough during the second free practice of the British Grand Prix. And he did it in the worst possible way, showing himself to those present and with the engine bleeding of fluids. What no brand wants.

Late for Vettel, caution for Leclerc

The aforementioned break has dislodged Ferrari, who did not see it coming. The reports and studies of lubricants carried out after the last SIlverstone race did not suggest premature wear and nothing anticipated the tragic event, which, on the other hand, occurred in the final part of the free practice session, unlike the previous week, that kept the German driver a whole session in the pits.

With the data in hand, Ferrari has made the decision to change, how could it be otherwise, the power unit of Sebastian Vettel, but also change that of Charles Leclerc, as a precaution against what might happen.

Both drivers have released this Saturday the internal combustion engine, the turbocharger, and also the MGU-H, keeping the control unit, the battery and the MGU-K. This is the first change of components for Ferrari, and therefore does not carry any type of sanction, although it does leave them in a delicate position for the end of the season.

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