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Fernández Noroña is attacked once again with eggs in Singuilucan, Hidalgo; aggressors flee


For the second time in a week, federal deputy Gerardo Fernández Noroña was attacked in Hidalgo during a campaign event to which he attended to support candidates of the Labor Party (PT) who participate in the electoral process to renew authorities of 84 municipalities in this entity.

The events occurred during a rally that took place this Sunday in the municipality of Singuilucan, where the federal deputy came in support of the candidate Ana Luz Arista, during which unknown subjects threw eggs at him.

After the attack, the attackers fled the scene; However, at least two of them were detained in a persecution carried out by supporters of Noroña Fernández, who asked her followers not to attack those responsible.

Just last Sunday, a first attack occurred during a rally that the PT federal deputy attended in the municipality of Huichapan to support Alberto Endonio’s campaign.

For the facts, the PT blamed Emeterio Moreno Magos, candidate for mayor of the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM), a political institute with which the PT, Morena and PESH registered 25 common candidacies to run in Hidalgo in the election of 18 October to renew municipal authorities.

On Thursday, in a session of the IEEH, the representative of the PRD, Ricardo Gómez Moreno, attacked Fernández Noroña, considering that he is a character who only comes to “thin the electoral climate”.

The first attack on huevazos was in Huichapan

On September 20, the federal deputy of the Labor Party (PT), Gerardo Fernández Noroña, accused the irruption of an alleged shock group during a rally he attended in the municipality of Huichapan, to support Alberto Endonio’s campaign for mayor of the town, an event during which a couple of subjects threw tomatoes and eggs at him.

Emeterio Moreno Magos, the candidate for mayor of the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM), was responsible for the facts.

“Today the green candidate has just dug his grave and demonstrated that he does not want the people of Huichapán, but rather to take over the presidency to treat the citizens like this, intimidate them, with violence, thinking that in this way he will be able to loot the people of Huichapan, we are not going to allow it, we are not going to tolerate it, those times are over, “said the deputy, after the attackers were removed and the rally continued.

In the afternoon, Fernández Noroña published on his social networks images of the aggressors, among whom he identified a brother of the PVEM mayoral candidate, with whom he allied in 25 common candidacies Morena, PT and PESH.

“These are part of the shock group that the green party sent today in Huichapan to attack us. The candidate Emeterio Moreno Magos, is so brutal that he sent his own brother to lead the group, ”said the PT.

During the rally, the federal deputy presumed that the event was not suspended, despite the aggression against him and said that “the eggs that were thrown at me are left over.”

On October 18 in Hidalgo, authorities will be elected for 84 municipalities. Initially, the electoral day would take place on June 7, but it was suspended due to the covid19 health contingency. The campaign period ends on October 14.



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