Fermín: Abstention is a stab against the national interest

The opposition leader criticized the G4’s call not to vote. “We cannot be remotely directed from Washington,” he added.

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The president of Solutions for Venezuela, Claudio Fermín, denounced this Monday, August 3, the call for abstention from the sectors of the so-called G4. In an interview on Unión Radio, Fermín stated that “it is extremely strange that parties and leaders who call themselves democratic are calling again not to vote,” said Fermín. “I want to denounce that these calls not to vote are a strategy to take away from the people their right to express themselves.”

In the opinion of the sociologist, “the priority of some small elites is that the people do not express themselves, that you do not vote, that in Venezuela waves of violence are unleashed or that we have to settle differences between Venezuelans through hostility and the extreme confrontation ”.

“I protest, on behalf of Solutions for Venezuela and all those who aspire to inclusion, this strategy that is already recurring, that is permanent,” said Fermín, while recalling the failure of abstention in 2005, in different mayors and governors elections and in the 2018 presidential elections.

The ex-mayor of Caracas pointed out that “all this is an absurd strategy. They told our country that if you stayed at home and didn’t vote things were going to improve and we would have a political change. That was a scam, you were fooled. “

Fermín invited Venezuelans to vote. “You have the right to express yourself and have representation in the National Assembly,” he said. “We want that throughout the country we shake hands and make ourselves present in a new plural Assembly and that there, acting as social comptroller, proposing different ways to current policies, reaching agreement and discussing, we move forward”, stressed.

The president of “Solutions” recalled the struggles for the vote in Venezuela and assured that in light of that history, “telling the country ‘don’t vote’ is a crime against Venezuela. The century-long struggle for democracy in Venezuela cannot die abstaining. “

Fermín insisted on condemning abstention as “a stab against the national interest” and affirmed that “the demands are achieved by fighting, not telling people to put a red in the mouth and cross their arms.”

The also former presidential candidate expressed that “promoting the exclusion of Venezuelans instead of inclusion hurts the country. Those who call for abstention are serving other interests, the patriotic thing is to vote ”.

The opposition leader affirmed that “we believe in detente, in agreements, in doing local politics and we believe that the fight is the flag, the demands are not going to come alone but if we organize, press and agree, not with the abstention”.

Fermín protested that “it cannot be that the call is for Venezuela to be silent and not express itself,” while at the same time insisting on the call “for all Venezuelans to express themselves civically.”

For Claudio Fermín, “our destiny cannot be directed remotely from Washington” and he extended a call to supporters of the G4 parties “to recover their flags and ideals.”

Fermín assured that “we must get up on the problems to look for solutions, not to hear the spoiled and unsuccessful voices of people who every year call for abstention, swindling the country.”

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