Female student dead in Bateri hospital premises The student was found dead in the hospital premises

Sultan Batheri: A 19-year-old woman was found dead in Sultan Batheri taluk hospital premises. Vinod’s daughter Akshara (19) was found dead around 4.30 pm on Sunday in Kolyadi Ummlam.

Workers found Akshara lying near the hospital building where the mother and baby were under construction. The hospital authorities and the police reached the spot after learning about the incident. He was rushed to the hospital but died. The preliminary conclusion is suicide.

Akshara’s parents had lodged a complaint with the Batheri police saying that Akshara was missing. Then the investigation was conducted based on the fact that the mobile location was confirmed to be in the battery.

The deceased Akshara was a paramedic student. Mother: Vidya. Brother: Akshay.

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