“Felonies of Qena”: referral of his wife’s killer, Naqada, to a “mental health center”

Abd Allah Muhammad

I decided criminal Court And State Security in Qena, referring a husband to a role Psychological health And nervousness for a period of 45 days, to sign a medical examination and observe him psychologically and neurologically, and to indicate whether he suffers from mental or neurological diseases, and whether he was responsible for his actions at the time of the incident being committed while continuing to be imprisoned pending the case.

In the verdict issued by the court, headed by Counselor Abd al-Basit Qasim Muhammad, President of the Criminal Court and State Security Emergency in Qena, in the presence of advisors Ahmed Izzat Abu al-Fadl and Alaa al-Din Abu Khraibah, and in the presence of Omar Abdel-Wahhab and Muhammad Fawzi, a representative of the prosecution, and with the secretariat of Sir Ramadan Orabi, director of the criminal registry, Ashraf Khalaf Allah And Muhammad Al-Shater, the May session is a date for his trial.

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Counselor Mustafa Abbas was the first attorney general for the Qena College Prosecution Office. He ordered Khaled Saber, Director of the Criminal Registry at the Qena College Prosecution Office, and Ahmed Fathi, to transfer him to the criminal court.

Major General Hani Owais, deputy director of Qena security, while he was there, and Captain Sherif Salah El-Din, head of investigations at the Nafada Center at the Naqada police station, were surprised by the accused of killing his wife because of family disputes and presented them with a blood-stained knife.

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