Felix Slovacek Celebrates 80th Birthday in Thailand, Comments on Thai Women and Borrowed Clothes

But it wouldn’t be Felix if he didn’t at least mention women. “I haven’t seen any European women yet. Thai women everywhere. But beautiful” he spoke for the weekly magazine Plus 7 days. In short, he couldn’t help himself and had to at least praise the fairer sex, if nothing else.

Dagmar Patrasová on Felix’s birthday: I wish him mental health!

However, he had fun. His suitcase did not arrive from the airport, so he had to borrow clothes from friends. “I have found that one does not really need anything here. Two t-shirts, one pair of shorts and that’s it. I envy the Thais” confided the musician, who thoroughly enjoyed his exuberant celebration. Dada meanwhile, she kept the warmth of the family hearth and believes that for Felix, their marriage now comes first.

Patrasová at the baptism of Slováčka: I have never been in seclusion!

2023-06-03 10:00:00
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