Felix asked Dada for a hand! What about Patras?

She wanted Felix back for so long. And straight with the bonus. Slováček he wants to Patrasovou take again. But she finds this step a bit hasty – she obviously wants to check a little longer if Felix is ​​really serious this time!

The government has a record, 20 hours of quarrels! When will Omikron fully strike? And the attack on Karl Gott

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“My husband made it up. I didn’t comment on that. “ Dáda explained Super.cz. Her decision may be affected by the fact that Dada has no need to renew anything. She had stated several times that her husband had never left her. “My husband has set priorities,” he says of his return.

“He never really left. The bond between us was constant. It was a matter of my patience and tolerance to keep a mistress out of our common money. “ also told Super.cz.

Whether she is happy or not, it is obvious that her daughter Anička will be missing. Slováčková she had already stated in the past that she and her younger brother Felix were harmed by these media-active ups and downs of her parents, and she decided to distance herself from them completely.

Dad Patras accused Gelem: She drew Felix into the sect!

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