Felipe González also warns Pedro Sánchez

The positioning of a retired leader in front of his successor has only occurred explicitly and openly in the Popular Party, when José María Aznar has detracted from Mariano Rajoy with statements. In other games, warnings and the advice has been conveyed with a mute, But that does not mean that they do not reach their destination and that the recipients are not affected, especially in the face of the leading leaders and the most influential militants. Since before the elections, Pedro

Sánchez is sending him encrypted warning messages that provoke a flood of interpretations in the political world. The most assiduous messenger is Susana Díaz, that he only has to put forward his guarantee of the unity of Spain so that it is understood that he is instructing him on the duty to avoid the supporters of the referendums, the latest fashion of the radicals.

Felipe González also marks Sánchez, with public subtleties and in private contacts. He will not tell you before other people’s ears what to do, but the old socialist leader is one of those who does not stitch without a thread.

Little media attention has been paid to it, although much in certain political environments, to the article that he published on Saturday in El País entitled La destruction of Venezuelain which he accuses Nicolás Maduro of roughly maneuvering after the opposition’s victory and of being an incapable ruler:

“The Maduro government – he writes – has led Venezuela to an unbearable situation, both from a social and economic point of view, as well as in terms of citizen security, democratic freedoms or widespread corruption.” To many it is no coincidence that González’s new disapproval when Sánchez maintains no clear your doubt about an alliance with Podemos, the party closest to the Chavista regime, Sánchez has not changed his pre-electoral position

Sánchez has not changed his pre-electoral position to refuse the agreement with the Popular Party and the attempt post-election to govern with the support of a mixture of parties to his left. In the first part of his strategy, his party maintains its support, but in the second part, various voices are warning him.

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To warn you about Podemos They do not have to make a lot of effort because the formation of Pablo Iglesias continues to portray itself as a party not very fond of democratic practices by again rejecting its condemnation of Maduro and his attempts against the electoral result: it has refused to sign a manifesto in defense of democracy in Venezuela that have signed PP, PSOE, Ciudadanos, UPyD and PNV.

Possibly Sánchez, helped by concerned comrades, who are not a few along with González, has already realized that an alliance with Podemos and other populist and independentist organizations – because only with them could he get a majority – entails a serious risk no longer only for him but for his own organization, but the refusal to study a pact with the PP, even to maintain a civilized negotiation with him, it leads the country to a political paralysis that could only be overcome with new elections. Sánchez has shown a stubbornness that does not help solve the serious problem of governance that Spain has.

It is in this scenario that the old guard of socialism, which knows what commits the responsibility of governing, and the most sensible leaders, who want to avoid the reckless adventure of experiments.

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