Felipe, a Brazilian living in Latvia: “Latvian men are under slippers!” – Celebrities

While living in Latvia, a hot-blooded Brazilian has noticed that ladies tend to restrict Latvian men in every way and, when in a relationship, a man has to give up, for example, entertainment with friends.

He also absolutely does not agree with Intars Busulis’ once public opinion that the musician is “under the slipper” and proud of it. “It’s not normal. I know that most Latvian men are under slippers – but why be proud of that? I don’t think it’s positive to be under a slipper, “said Felipe.

He also made no secret of the fact that sex on his first date is, in his opinion, a perfectly normal thing – if there is a “click” with an acquaintance, then why spend more time on several dates or just correspondence?


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