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This trend is that of using popular coupe names to apply them to something else entirely. Another example ? Mustang, patronymic which, flanked by the suffix Mach-E, will be that of a 100% electric crossover. A little craze that gives migraine to some purists but in short, you have to live with the times!

Here is the new SUV Puma, for which Ford claims to have taken the time to look after the look according to the comments of customers. And they did well because the model is not lacking in character. Curious thing (or not): there is something on the face of the small Puma coupe from the late 90s, notably the domed hood and the shape of the headlights. Other than that, the Puma has of course proportions typical of its segment, and what it takes to muscles. The very inclined rear window gives a more sporty look than “practical family” (however, see below) and according to some, it gives the Puma a little air of Porsche macan. Everyone will judge.

With its 4.20 meters, the Puma is one of the shortest SUVs in the category, but its wheelbase of 2.59 meters is however in the standard, which guarantees a cabin as spacious as the others. Although … Ford has chosen not to reduce the trunk too much. So there is a compromise and we believe that the somewhat short seat in the rear seats will not delight adults, at least over long distances. But knowing that the target clientele for this type of vehicle is rather young families with young children, this should pass.

Test - Ford Puma (2020): feline fight in sight

Let’s go back for a moment to the trunk, which shows that if the look of the Puma is not that of a practical vehicle, you should not trust appearances. The volume in normal configuration is 456 liters (402 liters for the “slightly” hybrid version), which is very honorable for the category. But above all, there is under the floor what Ford calls the “MegaBox”, a waterproof plastic compartment large enough to receive a cabin suitcase, or rather sports clothes and other muddy boots. The trick? A small cap at the bottom of this compartment, which rinses dirty content with large amounts of water. Add the flexible rear shelf attached to the tailgate which unrolls upwards at the opening, and we get a trunk full of good ideas, as we are used to seeing at Skoda. Well seen !

Test - Ford Puma (2020): feline fight in sight

Sitting at the wheel, the Ford customer will be on familiar ground since the environment is an almost exact copy of that of the Fiesta, with what it includes good ergonomics and quality perceived in the good average. The major difference is that the Puma can receive a 100% digital configurable instrument handset, the display of which has the good taste of not playing it too futuristic.

Test - Ford Puma (2020): feline fight in sight
Test - Ford Puma (2020): feline fight in sight

In terms of embedded technologies, the Puma is not cheap. It receives, for example, a 12.3 ” digital instrument cluster – on which a… puma is displayed when you get on board – an 8 ” touchscreen multimedia system that can be enhanced with a connection 4G allowing remote access to various functions (starting, heating, locking, etc.), a B&O audio system, phone charging by induction and so on. In short, there is not much missing, especially for this category. The same applies to driving aids: all (now) classics of the genre are present, from intelligent cruise control to active lane keeping aid.

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