Feios in the municipality of Vik is isolated from the breed – NRK Vestland

In the morning hours a landslide occurred near the Feiostunnel in Vik i Sogn.

Now about 400 residents in the villages of Feios and Fresvik are isolated.

One of them is Thomas Hjortland.

He usually drives through the tunnel to go to work.

– You can never feel safe with these vegans who are here, but you can’t even think that things can get any worse. You have to drive back and forth to get through the week.

Today it will be Thomas Hjortland’s home office. It is one of those that remained isolated after the collapse of the Feios tunnel.

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Traffic operator Christer Eide from Vegtrafikksentralen West says they are waiting for daylight before they can assess the road.

– Contractor doesn’t start cleaning until he’s lightened up a bit. They are unable to capture how large the landslide is, so they must have a little more light.

– It will take several hours before a new evaluation is carried out. There is talk of having a geologist on site, and it may take a few more hours for the road to open, Eide says.

In advance, the Swedish road administration will evaluate the road at 12 noon on Friday.

Orange hazard warning

There is an orange danger warning for landslides and landslides in Vestland, in the southern parts of Møre and Romsdal and in the northern parts of Rogaland.

A lot of rainfall is expected, and people are encouraged to stay away from steep slopes, streams, and rivers that can quickly have a large flow of water.

Yesterday NVE has extended the landslide hazard warning and updated the flood warning in western Norway.

Meteorologists therefore predict 60-90 millimeters of rain in 24 hours.

– We expect large rivers and a number of flushes and landslides, says regional manager Aart Verhage at NVE.

Mayor: – Get used to the rush

The mayor of the municipality of Vik, Roy Egil Stadheim, is used to closing roads and landslides in the municipality.

Today he woke up with a closed road to Arnafjorden and an accident in Feios.

– It is on again as we are used to in our village

– Now the boat route goes to Arnafjorden, so we’ll see what the geologist says about the opening. If there is a long-term closure in Feios, we must start an emergency path there too.

The stretch of road has been closed several times due to landslides.

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