Feijóo does not expect refusals among the health workers to be vaccinated: “They are privileged”

“All Galicia is waiting for a dose of vaccine and those who may have the possibility of the vaccine immediately are privileged,” said the president of the Xunta yesterday, therefore he trusts that the cases of health workers who refuse to be immunized are very exceptional against COVID-19. The Sergas began yesterday to vaccinate the sanitary personnel.

Feijóo explained that “it would be a very surprising behavior for health personnel with their training and information to renounce the vaccine.” However, if a case occurs, he noted, that “a note would be taken of the people and the causes they allege.”

He assured that there may be people with pathologies in which a preliminary study on the administration of the vaccine or cases that recommend postponing it is advised. In nursing homes, there have already been cases of workers, yes very few, who have refused to be vaccinated. Why? Because they are pregnant and the vaccine has not been tested with them, or immersed in a fertilization process.

Modern Vaccine

Feijoo advanced that the number of doses of Moderna’s vaccine that will arrive in Galicia will be “testimonial”, about 1,800 doses, and will not solve the supply problem. The vaccination plan will continue to revolve around Pfizer’s vaccines, which are arriving at a rate of 18,000 weekly doses and for which logistics have already been adjusted.

“Our problem is not the trained personnel, 2,200 people, nor the vaccination capacity. If instead of 18,000 vaccines we had 40,000 vaccines, we would dispense them, “said the president. Feijóo again denounced that the supply is “very slow” and asked the Galicians not to relax the measures of protection. Galicia has a better immunization rate than the average for Spain, but “there are still several months to have vaccines from five or six laboratories” and to be able to have sufficient doses.


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