Feeling spreads. Republicans and White House officials fear Trump will lose elections – Executive Digest

Fears are growing in the Republican Party and the White House that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden may be on the way to a landslide victory in the American elections, according to several reports, indicates the Business Insider.

A poll released on Sunday by ABC News and at The Washington Post revealed that Joe Biden is ahead of Donald Trump (53% vs. 41%) among likely voters.

The swing-state polls brought more bad news, with Biden maintaining the lead in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan – three states that supported Republicans in 2016, according to data compiled by The New York Times.

Although races in these states are tighter, Biden’s leadership has been consistent. The news led to a series of bad headlines.

Citing dozens of White House and Trump campaign officials, the Associated Press (AP) he said that Trump’s widely criticized performance in the first debate with Biden and the erratic response after having tested positive for covid-19 could see him lose not only the White House, but also the Senate.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas warned on Saturday that the Republican Party was facing “a bloodbath of Watergate proportions” and could lose control of the Senate and the White House.

The agency Reuters he also reported last week that the People’s Party was increasingly anxious that Democrats were ready to take control of the Senate. A senior Republican Senate aide said that Trump’s covid-19 diagnosis was “the nail in the coffin” and that “it is all over” for the party’s hopes of defending its majority.

Although Trump’s prospects for victory appear to be fading, some campaign officials believe the president will be able to regain ground this week, the company said. AP.

Other officials hope that the polls are underestimating the level of support for Donald Trump and that the President will end up being the “surprise winner”, as in 2016.

The American elections are scheduled for November 3.

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