“Fée te vous vous pleasure” in Niort combines well-being and chocolate …

An address for two different concepts… here is Chocosmetology!

It all started with love at first sight 5 years ago… This is the story of Tony, master chocolate maker and Sophie, beautician! They have now succeeded in linking their trades in rue Alfred Dreyfus to Niort: using the cocoa bean in cosmetics. The shop ” Fairy you please »Turns 1 this year.

You will find in this pretty shop chocolates to take home without being able to eat them! For example, the massage bar that looks a lot like a chocolate bar. It holds 80% cocoa butter (excellent natural moisturizer), argan oil, grapeseed oil and essential oil. You just have to break a square and presto! You just have to massage yourself with this chocolate which will melt with an oily appearance. Perfect for relaxation!

Soon, deodorants, scrubs based on cocoa butter will be to discover.

Linking health to chocolate

Tony Suaud appreciates the artistic side, the creation, the transformation of this product, which is not easy to work with. He has something to imagine with the challenge he sets himself: to feast by doing himself good, by paying attention to the virtues of his chocolates. To taste: Chocolate with flax and chia seeds, rich in omega 3, chocolate with hemp and spirulina, energetic for athletes, chocolate with essential oil of angelica, perfect for the digestive side.

Our chocolate maker also works, for health reasons, with raw cocoa beans, cooked only at 45 degrees to keep their nutritional values. Because, when the bean is roasted at 145 degrees, all its micro-nutrients are destroyed like magnesium, mineral salts, vitamins …

The passionate couple have great convictions: working with organic chocolate, high-end, with responsible ethics. Moreover, when they buy chocolate from their supplier, a tree is planted in Ecuador in order to fight against deforestation and shelter the cocoa trees.

They also work as much as possible in short circuits: the angelica comes from the Poitevin marsh, the cereals or honey come from organic farmers around Niort.

Fairy you please © Radio France

Unique products and novelties …

Tony Suaud is the only one in France to make caramel without added sugar! Yes, it is possible because he does it with agave syrup. A caramel is obtained with 2 times less carbohydrate, without the negative effects. He also concocted a vegetable caramel, lactose-free, where the butter and crème fraîche are replaced by soy from the southwest.

The news?

– White chocolate. Yes, it’s new at “Fée te vous vous pleasure”. Tony Suaud was not working on it because it is not chocolate except that he has now found a white chocolate that corresponds to his values, made with blond cane sugar, with 40% cocoa. A chocolate with a slightly brown color due to the whole cane sugar. A white chocolate with the flavor of chocolate!

– Le Fée’noménal IV: 72% cocoa chocolate, millet seeds, sesame, chia, almonds, cramberries or Le Fée’noménal VII: 72% cocoa chocolate, spelled flakes, apple lemon peels, pyrethrum, galangal , cinnamon.

– Le Rocher des Prés with dark chocolate 72%, with handmade muesli, cane sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, oatmeal, almonds, hazelnuts, squash, sunflower, flax, apple count, oil sunflower, coconut oil, oat cream, honey, fleur de sel, sunflower lecithin.

– Spread with 37% hazelnuts, with very little sugar and palm oil free!

– Les palets des fées: a crunchy toasted sesame puck, salted butter caramel and coated with 37% organic cocoa milk chocolate.

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Fairy will chocolate your life!
Fairy will chocolate your life!
Tony Suaud
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