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Federica Aversano next to a former face of the program?

Federica Aversano she found love after her second experience at Men and women? The young suitor, then tronista, has not found the man of her life as she hoped.

Ha decided to leave the court of Maria De Filippi after realizing she didn’t meet the right person. At the moment, Federica he admitted to the official magazine of the editorial staff that he had made a very interesting acquaintance. When the interviewer asks if they might be roses, and in this case blossom, the Aversano did not hesitate to answer in the affirmative.

Although many thought that the new flirt of the tronista did not belong to the entertainment world, the person concerned wanted to deny it. In fact, you said that it is in some way a face of the small screen, but that you cannot add anything else in this regard. At the time, she said she felt “shocked and amazed.”

About the abandonment of the throne of Frederick Dainese, Federica she didn’t say surprised. He also didn’t feel strong enough things about either of her to choose her. For the Aversano he behaved maturely and correctly. On the contrary, he would surely have chosen someone to settle for and pretend to be fine in order to make two covers.

Federico he also praised the young woman during the last interview. Smiling, the former tronista appreciated and didn’t say she was very surprised. She had understood that there was some interest on his part, but that of course, both agree that the age difference would weigh too much on a possible relationship. “Federico he lives joyfully, he lives hand to mouth… I see him far from me. I wouldn’t find myself telling him “we’re not going out tonight, we’re staying at home”. she concluded the Aversano.

The colleagues of IlVicoloDelleNews have revealed to us that the mysterious man he speaks of Federica would be Giovanni Bishop. This is the new face of You’ve Got Mail, in the role of official postman of the broadcast. Moreover, Bishop is a former face of Men and women at the time of the throne of Sonia Lorenzini.

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