Federer knocked out in doubles in his last match- Corriere.it

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The Swiss tennis king ended his doubles career in London paired with eternal rival Rafa Nadal. Defeated in three sets by Tiafoe and Sock

Wins the draw with Sock and Tiafoe, the Americans representing the rest of the world in this worldwide sabbath for adepts of the Federer cult. He chooses to serve but leaves the joke to his partner Nadal: “I have never had my hand so cold …” he says with a half smile under his trademark nose nosealways made fascinating by the seductive power of his tennis. It is the double terminus of a careerthe eyes of the world on Roger Federer in bandana as in the good old days but this is one version of the teacher domesticated by age and from ailments, we advance between flashes and memoriesmany good memories.

And ends up losing. 6-4 the first for Federer-NadalEuropean standard bearers in the Laver Cup, with the landmark conquered by Roger himself: an old-fashioned answer in Sock’s belly, which is wrong The fly. 7-6 the second for the Yankees notwithstanding a station wagon recovered from the 44 Grand Slam titles (20 Roger, 22 Rafa). 11-9 for the USA al super tie break of the third set with a match point just missed by Federer. And never mind if in the afternoon the dramatic protest of a climate activist who tried to set himself on fire
to protest against theabuse of private jets (Federer flew to London from Switzerland just like that, and not just him) interrupted the program.

The unexpected disturbs the afternoon but it does not disturb the evening. For the last time Federer in tears (Nadal cries like a baby too), Everything else is boring. The last dance is a sleepy waltz (“Incredible how slow you are at the net when you never play double!” Rafa says to himself at the change of court) and vaguely melancholywho strives to be cheerful. “It’s not a funeral, it’s a party”, Roger, the totem pole in the center of a village who – for the most part – reacted to the news of the retreat by making him condolences rather than with the joy of having witnessed the more beautiful tennis never shown on these screens.

Federer is neither dead nor will he disappear: “I will not be a ghostyou will see me again, “he promised to London. It will be thetennis ambassador in the world, he will attend events, play performances handsomely paideven more than this Laver Cup that brought the ancestor who gives it its name to the banks of the Thames, Rod Laver, VIPs and people, mum and dad Federer, i true creators of talent of the Swiss master, his wife Mirka, i four children and all the tics of Rafa Nadal, the dearest enemy who in double that closes the career from supreme rival lends itself to playing the shoulder, as a script, to the first actor who greets the stage.

At 41, with 103 tournaments won (20 Slam titles), 310 weeks passed from number one (237 consecutive) e three knee operations
behind him, Roger Federer is an imprecise and improvised doubles player but still capable of flashes of blinding light: the sharp cut of certain volleys, some ancient reflexes from elderly catthe soft hand even if it is clearly late in condition, disappointed because the limits of a physical now worn out prevented him from returning to the tennis he dreamed of. The general quality of the match is what it is (Federer is retiring, Sock has bacon, Tiafoe is still wearing the fatigue of the Herculean labors of the US Open and Nadal has arrived in London late from Manacor, where his wife Xisca is about to give birth to the first heir), however i moments of fun there is no shortage, Rafa and the bench of the Europa team do everything to keep Roger’s mood high and the public is generous with ovations for any raise of the Swiss’s eyebrows, let alone when he manages to get the ball through in the hole in the network between post and belt, only a minimum and forbidden hole the replay manages to unmask.

The art of precision… »Jokes Federer, knowing full well that the point will not be awarded. Filed Federer with all the emphasis and rhetoric that Roger’s sense of sport deserved, Europe versus the rest of the world continues Saturday with the debut of Matteo Berrettinithe reserve promoted by the inability of the Swiss to hold the singular. They will be there until Sunday more applause And other caresses for the man from Basel on the bench, who retires knowing he has honored to the end his talentfor his pleasure and ours, and for this at peace with himself and with the world, ready to enjoy lifethe family, the royalties of a brand of huge successthe occasions that will rain also from retired professional: there is talk of a performance with Nadal at the Santiago Bernabeu, in Madrid, in the spring of next year, ahead of beyond 80 thousand spectators.

To begin with. “She was one wonderful daya, I’m not sad – swears with shining eyes -, I couldn’t have wished for a happy ending improve. Okay I lost, but it’s the celebration I wanted. I started from ball boy in Basel, and in a moment here we are. My wife Mirka could have asked me to stop many years ago, but she has me encouraged to continue. I leave tennis in good hands: the new generation is the most powerful, fastest and most athletic there has ever been. Good night”. He goes with the story in his pocket, we with gratitude enjoyed it by contemporaries: on YouTube, unfortunately for you, posterityit will not be the same.


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