Federer confesses to a tearful conversation with Rafa Nadal

Roger Federer played his last tennis match last September, a duel in which he teamed up with Spaniard Rafa Nadal and a match both legends ended up losing to Americans Sock and Tiafoe, who won the Laver Cup .

Now, with time to assimilate the farewell of one of the best rackets in tennis history, the Swiss confessed in an interview with ‘The Daily Show with Trevor Noah’ how he had told Nadal that he was leaving tennis and the need that he had to leave the sport together with the Spaniards.

“So my hope was to play doubles with Rafa. So I called him after the US Open and it was a very emotional conversation because it was one of the first times I told anyone outside my team about my decision (his retirement) and my family. And I had to call him and say ‘Hey, Rafa, before you make any other plans, I’d like you to come to the Laver Cup and play my last doubles match with you. That would be great because ( crying), sadly (crying) my knee is no longer good and I think this is the end, you know?” Federer explained.

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