Federal 1: US Issoire formalizes two new recruits

The contours of the 2021-2022 workforce of US Issoire continue to emerge. The resident of Fédérale 1 has formalized two new recruits: hooker Pierre Rude (26 years old, 1.80 m, 107 kg) and rear Soheyl Jaoudat (24 years old, 1.78 m, 78 kg).

Former player of the ASM (three games played pro), the first named arrives from Pro D2. He has been playing for four seasons at the Stade Aurillacois, where he has compiled around sixty matches.

President Pojolat’s club has also enlisted another former resident of the ASM training center: rear Soheyl Jaoudat. The latter comes from two experiences in Federal 1, in Castelsarrasin (2020-2021) and Beaune (2019-2020).

Federal 1: US Issoire in pool 2 with clubs from the South-East Mediterranean

At the end of his adventure with ASM, the Moroccan international joined the American Major League Rugby. He had played a season with Austin, then coached by the French technician Alain Hyardet.

Pierre Rude and Soheyl Jaoudat constitute the third and fourth summer reinforcements of the “mauve and black”, who had already secured the services of winger Emilien Courtet and Italian rear Fausto Delli Carpini.

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