Fécamp hospital is one of the five anti-Covid vaccination centers in Seine-Maritime

Coronavirus. Every day, more than 70 people can be vaccinated against Covid-19 at the hospital in Fécamp. Since Monday, January 11, 2021, caregivers and health personnel over the age of 50 are present in numbers.

Aimed at caregivers over the age of 50, as a priority, the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 benefited from a boost this Monday, January 11, 2020 at the Fécamp hospital. A campaign that had started almost symbolically, Tuesday, January 5, with twelve health personnel from the establishment, volunteers for the vaccine (our edition of Thursday January 7, 2021).

This week, the Center hospitalier intercommunal (CHI) changes gear. And for good reason. Along with Le Havre, Rouen, Elbeuf and Dieppe, Fécamp is now one of the five vaccination centers in Seine-Maritime, designated by the ARS, the regional health agency. In the hall of the CHI, the organization is well established. A waiting area with a few chairs is placed right next to three white tents which sit near the cafeteria. This is where the reception of volunteers, the pre-vaccination consultation with an emergency doctor at the hospital and the vaccination itself are organized. She’s a nurse stinging people in the forearm to give the dose of Pfizer vaccine.

“The Fécamp center can vaccinate a maximum of 72 people per day, explains Laura Coquin, who manages the appointments. I started taking registrations last Friday. Monday, we had 66 people. For this Tuesday, we are at full rate, at 72. “

Among these volunteers: mainly caregivers and health personnel, over 50 years of age, who work in hospitals or in private practice. But not only. “ Home helpers and firefighters over 50 can also come ”, says Laura Coquin. Patients are also concerned, with no age limit, “Who present co-morbidities”. This is the case, for example, with people who are obese, or who suffer from hypertension, diabetes … In the reception hall of the hospital, the volunteers parade from 9:30 am to 5 pm. More motivated than ever. “ I believe in medicine, says Élisabeth Petit, laboratory nurse at Fécamp. And I don’t want to catch the Covid at all. So we must move forward. “

“We must trust science”

Doubts ? Some share them, like Aurélia Dubreuil, pharmacist in Fécamp. “We are all afraid, she admits. The question is: are we more afraid of vaccination or of the Covid? You have to trust science. “ For Didier Foulon, technician at Fécamp hospital, the answer is simple: “ You have to go there to protect yourself and others. It is a civil attitude. We must do something to curb the virus because if we continue like this, next year we are still there. “ Usually reluctant to be vaccinated, Sylvaine Grémont, psychologist in Saint-Romain-de-Colbosc, also evokes a civic sense, in this fight against the coronavirus. “You have to stop being selfish, you have to think of others, she insists. I have to protect my loved ones, my husband who is 75 years old, the colleagues and the people I work with. The vaccine is there. We will only get by if everyone shows civic sense by getting vaccinated. ”

Dr Bertrand Lefrançois, for his part, was vaccinated out of conviction, but also to set an example for his patients. “The first question my patients ask me is: What about you, doctor, are you getting vaccinated? “ says the general practitioner from Criquetot-l’Esneval. Its mission: to convince as many people as possible. “ There are reluctance, he admits. But they are quickly lifted. I am quite confident. “

In a few days, Fécamp will take another step forward. From Monday, January 18, 2020, all people over 75 years of age can also make an appointment at the hospital to receive the vaccine. The same day, the vaccination campaign will start in the city’s nursing homes.



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