FEBRUARY 2020 – Cardiologists will buy salt shakers from patients to reduce the number of hypertensive patients

Santo Domingo, RD.

The president of the National Foundation of Cardiology and Medical Assistance (FUNDACAM), Tirso Roa Castillo, announced that this entity plans to buy salt shakers for all patients who attend the preventive days they perform, so that they “stop using this instrument so harmful to cardiovascular health ”.

He indicated that the initiative, which will begin in February 2020, will be carried out for the first time in San Juan de la Maguana, where in recent years the Foundation, together with the municipality of Las Matas de Farfán, has carried out the largest number of medical days.

When interviewed by Elvis Lima in a special edition of the Out of Record program, which he produces for the EN Televisión channel, Roa Castillo said that the consumption of raw salt remains a big problem in the Dominican Republic, especially in the southern region of the country, where the highest number of cases of hypertensive patients are recorded.

“That is why we intend to buy the salt shakers for all the patients who come to our day, we are evaluating the price that we are going to pay, but we will buy it, even those who do not take it, we are willing to go to their homes in in case it is necessary to look for it, because we cannot allow more people to continue putting their health at risk due to lack of knowledge, ”said Roa Castillo.

On the other hand, the doctor suggested to the authorities of the health sector to change the model of “primary care, for primary prevention”, because it has been shown that the solution is not in the construction of large hospital centers, but in prevention.

He said that good health begins with prevention, because after a patient arrives at the catastrophic and terminal illness, only death awaits him.

“That is why we insist on the importance of prevention, to avoid that every day the intensive of the health centers continue to be filled with patients, which represents an economic burden for both the State and the families of those affected”, Roa Castillo added.

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