[FEATURE] That bag of feces! The cause of the inflicted overbearing Sir Alex Ferguson

The agent or representative of the player has only one duty. Is to make their own employees get the most benefit. Often, it often ends up with an athlete’s agency.

The name of Mino Raiola, an agent at the level that football is known as ‘Super Agent’ is on the newspaper almost every week. Has originated from his act as a negotiator that is like no other. Recently referred to as an interview with the future of Paul Pogba With Manchester United as well as blame Ole Gunnar Sol Cha at the same time until causing a lot of dissatisfaction with the chief in the industry, especially Gary Neville, the legend of the Red Devils who believe that Raiola is doing much beyond his duties.

This is not the first time an Italian negotiator has caused trouble for the Manchester-based team. Because he had upset Sir Alex Ferguson from the urging of the French midfielder to leave before Jose Mourinho brought him back for a club record. It is said that if Fergie is still United’s manager, it will certainly not be bringing players under Raiola’s supervision to the club.

Paul Pogba, as a youngster, gained so much admiration from the senior manager that he set out to be Paul Scholes’ successor in the future. Until Raiola’s arrival shattered Ferguson’s plan.

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Pogba, when he was a young player, had a three-year contract with Manchester United from 2009 to 2012, during which negotiations for a new contract, Raiola suggested Pogba ask for wages and a guaranteed position in A better team, but as we all know, the former Scottish boss is not the one who will pay hard for a player who has not yet made any visible results to prevent indulging. body In the end, the negotiations failed, with a celebrity agent telling Sir Alex that his contract was too bad. “The Chihuahua dog hasn’t signed yet.” Before the “Pa” side returns, “You spear” and manages to take Paul to the giants from Serie A instead.

Having lost that precious gem with almost nothing back, Ferguson was so upset that he wrote in his own book in 2015 that Minowa was one of the few he hated. This includes saying “Paul Pogba has a bad agent and a bag of feces” when invited to speak to support the local rugby team Selchark.

It would be difficult to determine if Minoraiola was a bad substitute. Because whenever he makes his own name appear on the news Those who benefit are often the shins in his care …

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