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EXAM TIME: Vallhall Arena in Oslo is among the places in Oslo that are used for private exams. Here from 2020.

An uncertain number of private individuals have received the wrong certificate of competence in the mail, the Education Agency reports on Thursday.


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The education agency has discovered a security breach when sending out a certificate of competence after the private examination.

– We fear that it may apply between 500 and 1200 private individuals, says communications director Randi Hagen Eriksrud in the Education Agency to VG.

Proof of competence is documentation of passed exams you have taken as a private student. The document contains both name, social security number, subject and grades.

Did you get the wrong proof? Contact us here!

The error was discovered on Thursday morning, and is due to a technical error at the Education Agency’s system supplier Visma InSchool.

Erikrud states that the Education Agency has sent out emails to all private individuals who may be affected.

– We have sent out emails to even more people than we think have been mistaken.

She points out that many have also received the right certificate of competence.

– But to be one hundred percent sure that we reach everyone who may be affected, we have sent out emails to a total of 13,600 private individuals.

The education agency requests that you do not open the letter if you have received someone else’s certificate of competence in the mail.

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– We are now working closely with Visma to identify what has happened and how we will ensure that the right certificate of competence is issued to everyone, Eriksrud tells VG.

In a press release, the division director in the Education Agency, Trond Lien, states that the case is taken very seriously.

– We are very sorry that this has happened, he says.

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