Fears cargo ship will drift ashore tonight – tries to stop the ship – VG

The Norwegian Coastal Administration is implementing government action as there is a danger that the cargo ship “Eemslift Hendrika” may drift ashore during the night.


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The Norwegian Coastal Administration announced on Wednesday evening that mobilization of oil spill response resources in the area has been initiated. The ship is on its way to land.

– There are 350 tonnes of heavy oil on board. This is the oil product that will have the greatest impact on the environment, Hans-Petter Mortensholm from the Norwegian Coastal Administration explains to VG.

The cargo ship is still operating with a list in the Norwegian Sea. Now the goal is to stop it before it hits land, so as to avoid oil pollution.

The Norwegian Coastal Administration has mobilized oil booms and recording equipment on standby, in case the worst should happen.

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On to Trøndelag

That same evening, the green service boat “AQS Tor” which fell off the cargo ship “Eemslift Hendrika” on Tuesday is connected to the tugboat “Stadt Sløvåg” in the Norwegian Sea.

This is confirmed by technical manager Kristian Hjertvik in AQS to VG on Wednesday, who praises the effort the tugboat makes.

– It is good news to put it that way. You get very relieved when you get such a message, he says. He received the message just before 6.30 pm on Wednesday.

The boat is finally towed, after major weather challenges in the salvage work. It fell off the cargo ship «Eemslift Hendrika» Tuesday afternoon.

– Of course, we are still not at the finish line. We are now sending down one of our own tugs. It travels down and drags “Tor” up to Trøndelag, Hjertvik explains.

First it goes to Kolvereid where the yard is located. It will then start its career as a service boat for the aquaculture industry in Flatanger. The boat has a value of NOK 66 million.

The tugboat that rescued “Tor” on Wednesday has been hired by AQS itself to get the boat – in close dialogue with Moen Marin and Gjensidige.

The owner company AQS AS had ordered salvage with Stadt Sjøtransport which was out by the boat at 12 o’clock on Wednesday.

Before the rescue, “AQS Tor” drifted south, and seaworthiness seemed to be intact all the way. Along the side of the boat you can see some scratches and dents, but otherwise it seems to have withstood the fall from the cargo ship quite well.

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Bad weather conditions

It was the weather conditions that caused the attempt to hoist salvage experts and tow the Dutch cargo ship “Eemslift Hendrika” to land to be called off. The salvage operation with towing of the ship is now planned for Thursday.

“Life and health are always the first priority during an incident like this, and it must be safe to carry out the rescue,” says Hans-Petter Mortensholm of the Norwegian Coastal Administration in a press release.

The Norwegian Coastal Administration writes that the calculations for the propulsion paths for the ship show that the danger is small for it to run aground.

– Better weather has been announced tomorrow, and there is a greater probability that the action can be carried out successfully, it is further stated in the press release

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