Fear of pistols at school: student films SEK mission in the classroom | Regional

Hamburg – A youth armed with a firearm is said to have gained access to the Otto Hahn School in the Jenfeld district on Tuesday morning, the police said. Immediately around 11:45 a.m., numerous officials arrived at the district school. Even the special task force (SEK) was requested. “The area around the school is closed,” the police tweeted. Nobody comes in, nobody can get out.

Anxious hours in the Jenfelder Allee – should there be a killing spree here?

A nearly one-minute video of a student shows how the special police forces searched the school and each classroom for a suspect – classroom by classroom. The teachers and more than 1,300 students had barricaded themselves in their classrooms during the lunch hour.

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Heavily armed and equipped with protective vests, the officers open the door of a classroom with submachine guns at the ready. An official urges all students to raise their hands. Then a teacher is asked: “Are you all right?”

After the special forces had searched all seven school buildings and all 53 classrooms as well as the extensive school grounds with its open spaces, paths, bushes and trees on Jenfelder Allee in the afternoon, the police gave the all-clear around 4 p.m. – nothing was found!

Heavily armed, the SEK officers enter the school on Jenfelder Allee

Photo: Daniel Bockwoldt/dpa

“We have not met a person who fits the description. Above all, we didn’t find anyone with a firearm,” said police spokeswoman Sandra Levgrün.

The Otto-Hahn-School is located in the district of Wandsbek and is a district school with a high school level. The school is attended by almost 1500 boys and girls.

The police came in large numbers

The police came in large numbers. At least 50 police vehicles, fire and rescue services and several heavily armed special forces as well as evidence and arrest units of the riot police were in action on Tuesday afternoon


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