Fear of being chased by bears, this couple takes shelter in trees for 10 days and starves

Anton and Nina Bogdanov (circled) when rescued after spending 10 days in a tree avoiding a ferocious bear. (Source: The Siberian Times)

KAMCHATKA, KOMPAS.TV A Russian couple had to take shelter in a tree for 10 days and starved after escaping from a bear chasing them.

Anton and Nina Bogdanov were on vacation in Banniye Springs, Kamchatka, Eastern Russia after experiencing the horrific incident.

According to Nina, the husband and wife plan to take a one-night vacation.

However, their car then got stuck in a deep puddle about 17 km from the hot springs in Kamchatka.

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Not getting a cell phone signal, they then spent the night in the car, before then walking to the tourist area to ask for help.

But on their way, they realized that a big brown bear was stalking them.



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