Fear for Elisabetta Canalis, the most difficult decision

Fear for Elisabetta Canalis, the former tissue woman found herself in the position of having to choose the best solution for her family: this is what happened.

Elisabetta Canalis (Photo source: Instagram, @littlecrumb_)

The situation Coronavirus in America it is very different from Italy, already several times Elisabetta Canalis documented the disastrous situation in Los Angeles, one of the cities most affected by a general wave of poverty, on his social profiles.

As often happens in these situations to the limit, episodes of violence are on the agenda, only a few days ago two deputy sheriffs ended up in the hospital due to an ambush and in recent days the fires and vandalism have increased.

Elisabetta Canalis, a difficult choice for her family

Elisabetta Canalis returns as a child and 'transforms' the photo into a painting
Elisabetta Canalis (photo source: @littlecrumb_)

The former Velina of Striscia la Notizia did not just denounce on social media what is happening on the west coast, where she has lived for years, but has made her followers participate in a difficult decision.

Violence, pollution and Coronavirus, the situation in Los Angeles is not the most pleasant and with a mixture of fear and awareness, Elisabetta Canalis decided to leave Los Angeles towards Palms Springs.

“Who can is leaving Los Angeles” Canalis explained in her Instagram stories, telling that she got on the road with some friends and with the baby Skyler Eva.

Only absent Brian Perry, the husband of Canalis: “He does a serious job, he couldn’t leave the city.” Perri is in fact a well-known doctor and has often intervened on his wife’s social profile for a column concerning some clinical problems.

The greatest fear for Canalis was precisely that ofpollution: the air of Los Angels is totally unbreathable, as also shown by some statistics on the healthiness of the air. A decision that reminded the fled to New York by Clio Zamatteo, aka Clio Make Up, who, frightened by the city’s reaction to the pandemic, decided to spend a few months at some friends’ house.

The testimony of the former Velina

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