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GETS SUPPORT: Britney’s mother has recently been active in the fight to remove her ex-husband as Britney’s guardian. Photo: Vince Bucci / AP

Britney’s father and guardian are unable to put their daughter’s interests above their own, Britney’s mother claims. It appears from the case files of the lawsuit Britney is now leading against her father.


Britney Spears has been under a controversial guardianship since 2008, where her father Jamie Spears has had full control over the star’s private life and finances.

The pop icon has now sued his father to remove him as guardian. The court documents VG has been given access to show that the mother Lynne Spears takes a clear stand in the family dispute.

– Jamie Spears is unable to put her daughter’s interests above her own, both on a personal and a professional level. This guardianship is not in the best interest of my daughter, the mother claims in a statement of support in connection with the trial.

– Like being in custody

In the court documents, mother Spears explains that she became involved in the case during a crisis period in her daughter’s life, which began in 2018 and lasted into 2019.

During this period, Britney Spears is said to have been forced to take performance-enhancing medication and to be admitted to a health institution – both against her will, but with her father’s blessing.

The mother also describes how the father throughout the guardianship has exercised microscopic and absolute control over all aspects of the daughter’s life.

– Such a constant investigation is both tiring and frightening, and like being in custody, the mother states.

According to the mother, the relationship between father Spears and the superstar should be characterized by coercion, mistrust and an extremely skewed power relationship, where the father constantly negotiates about what the daughter can or cannot do.

– Since the guardianship has been in place, the relationship has shrunk to fear and hatred, says mother Spears.


PARTIES WITH THE DAUGHTER: During the ongoing trials, Britney’s mother is very critical of her father’s involvement in her daughter’s life. Here, mother and daughter are pictured in 2000. In the middle, Britney’s little sister Jamie Lynne Spears can be seen. Foto: CHARLES BENNETT / AP

Despite the clear position in the trial, the mother must have previously kept a relatively low profile in the case.

According to the celebrity website TMZ her only comment should have been that Britney is fine, when TMZ recently met her and Britney’s brother Brian at the airport in Los Angeles.

In an interview with The New Yorker Earlier in July, about both the lawsuit and the guardianship, she said she had mixed feelings about it all.

– I do not know what to believe … there is a lot of pain, a lot of worries, she said then.

– Disagree on who is to blame

After the pop star’s daughter’s very public mental collapse in 2007, the mother is said to have been in the beginning agree in that what was then the ex-husband, was to become the guardian of the daughter.

However, she has later been critical of the guardianship, and has, among other things, criticized the large sums Jamie has earned on the guardianship.

According to the documents VG has gained access to, through his guardianship, Jamie Spears has received $ 16,000 a month, $ 2,000 more than he has allocated to his daughter, plus $ 2,000 in “office expenses.”

This amounts to a total of almost 160,000 Norwegian kroner per month.

According to Father Spears however, it is the mother who has created problems in the superstar’s life. He accuses the ex-wife of having exposed her daughter to trauma and of having exploited her for her own gain in connection with the memo she published in 2008.

The Guardian has previously written that the father claims he has had no control over his daughter’s personal affairs for almost two years.


DISPUTES A LOT: Britney’s parents do not agree on what is best for their daughter. Here they are pictured arriving at a trial in Los Angeles in 2012. Photo: Nick Ut / AP

Jamie and Lynne Spears married in 1975 and lived together for almost 30 years. According to The New Yorker have been troubled right from the start.

Less than two weeks before Britney’s birth, the mother is said to have filed for divorce, which was later withdrawn.

Britney is said to have encouraged her mother to file for divorce, which she also did in 2002. However, several celebrity media have written that the two remained together for a period after 2010.

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