FCC approval shows new version of Spotify Car Thing – Image and sound – News

Haha, now the monkey comes out of the sleeve. I did not understand why the Spotify integration with my BMW connected drive (android) was discontinued. They just took the feature out to sell their own junk. Pretty shameless if you ask me.

It’s time to switch from Spotify, they are starting to show more and more “scary behavior”. The example I’m talking about is below:

Last summer, the Spotify integration with BMW connected drive turned out to no longer work, in the new update they removed the integration. So it still works fine in the older versions of the app. This is not about 20 year old BMWs, mine is from 2017 and the Spotify integration is still advertised on BMW’s website, while you won’t get it on android anymore. Enoughly, they still maintain the integration via iOS.

Then this forum post came online, where many people were looking for a solution: https://community.spotify…-deprecation/td-p/5009730

After a lot of forum posts they finally added the “solution”. The integration is no longer available, but we could vote for an “Idea” so that the functionality can be “built” in the future. (yes, it already exists and worked fine).

There are now 1000 votes on the “Idea” and nothing has been done with it.

So now they come up with their own product, simply shamelessly to give your paid premium customers this user experience.

/ End of rant.

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