FCA models with PSA platform: web on fire for nothing

The spirits are heated online. To raise the temperature, FCA models with PSA platform. What are we talking about? The Groups have launched discussions for potential cooperation projects on segment B: le citycar. Separately from any merger negotiations. That is, regardless of the future Stellantis. It’s just a confirmation: the sharing project of the French architecture CMP (see PSA’s Peugeot 208 and Opel Corsa) was well-known. But the network has merged with alarmist hypotheses: of the series, i providers FCA Italians will die. Because FCA will be supplied by French companies. But it is so? They are just inferences about nothing.

FCA models with PSA platform: all the details to understand

First: if there are tenders, nowhere is it written that only the French can participate. Even the supply Italians are allowed. The best will win: the supplier, Italian or French, with the highest quality. Already projected into the future. Ahead of the times, ready to understand Stellantis’ needs.

Indeed, things for Italian suppliers (super competitive, nothing to envy to the French in the automotive sector) could improve. Before, they only had relationships with FCA; tomorrow, they will also have relations with PSA, through FCA.

It is not clear why we should always see everything negative: perhaps because this makes news on the web. The fear disseminated online that takes hold.

Silly nostalgia of the Fiat that was

It is obvious that no comparison should be made with the 1980s. Fiat was among the leaders in the world for small cars, thanks also to Lancia. 127 was seen as a goddess to copy, so much so that many houses did. All Italian Fiat suppliers thrived. After light years, Stellantis will revolutionize production even more: electrified cars, autonomous driving, thousand technology. Italian suppliers will still be at the forefront, always excellence in the world, without fear. With the market car that will also recover in Italy.

FCA loan targeted

But we hear the president of Confartigianato Piemonte, Giorgio Felici: was the state guarantee for the loan of Intesa Sanpaolo to FCA not justified by the fact that the Piedmontese automotive system as a whole would benefit, starting with the suppliers? This is Felici’s question. To which the Government should respond. Pending replies, we take the liberty of pointing out that nothing can be inferred about anything.

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